[vc_custom_heading text=”Si nos valoras, tu segunda consumición ¡GRATIS!” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” google_fonts=”font_family:Montserrat:regular,700|font_style:400 regular:400:normal”]

To take advantage of this offer you just have to leave us a positive review on Google , once, it is displayed in during the next 12 hours for Google to evaluate it. Once approved and published are the restaurant and tell us your full name so we can check your review and offer your second eating for free.

It is important that the review expect a small appreciation in text and also score with the stars What are you waiting for? It only takes 1 minute.

Steps to leave a review:

1) Click on the red button that says "Leave review in Google "

2) If you have your session Google (Gmail) puntúanos started simply enter your review and hit send, if you're not logged in must log in with your Google account before you can make a review.

3) Come to El 17 de Moreto and enjoy your second drink totally free 🙂

Legal basis promotion

  • This promotion has been created and promoted by Paula Elizalde Herranz established: Street Moreto 17, CIF: 48820048H and mail contact el17demoreto@gmail.com, from now the organizer.
  • The promotion will run from June 15, 2016 day at 00 h, until the day June 31, 2016 at 23 h.
  • To participate in this promotion, users will leave a positive review of the 17 Moreto in Google . This assessment includes a note positively stars as well as a short text (minimum 7 words) positively evaluate the establishment.
  • They are not allowed reviews, or slanderous, insulting, inappropriate or violate the rights of third parties comments, the organizer reserves the right to cancel those that do not meet this requirement, as well as any other of the terms of the promotion.
  • Participants who meet all these requirements under this heading win
  • People who want to participate in this promotion must be over 18 years and duly accredit, using ID card or any other identification document legally valid, when they are required.
  • This promotion is not combinable. Each participant may only compete once.
  • This promotion is not combinable with other organizers who can develop.
  • The prize is not, in any way, redeemable for cash or other kinds of items.
  • The organizer will notify participants by an answer to their reviews of the receipt thereof. From that time, participants can claim their prize, whenever within the period of development of this promotion, above.
  • Based on the above by the Data Protection Act 17/1999, the organizer will not use or permit the use by others of the data of the participants.
  • Once published and approved by Google the review (within the deadlines set for promotion), participants must claim the promotion in the organizing Local (Moreto Street, 17, Madrid, 28014), duly proving their identity and be authors of the aforementioned reviews. They should make themselves physically unable to delegate this action to third parties.
  • For any questions, participants can contact the organizers at the following email address: el17demoreto@gmail.com
  • Users accept these rules from the moment in which they participate in the promotion.

Policy reviews

Google will remove content that violates any of these content policies:

  • Advertising: not take advantage of the reviews to announce something through links to other web sites or phone numbers. Reviews must accurately reflect your experience in one place, so you should not post reviews in order to manipulate scores place.
  • Spam: It is not allowed to send spam. Write a faithful report your experience on the site in question. Do not include promotional or commercial content, do not post the same content several times and do not write reviews of the same place for several accounts.
  • Phone numbers or URL: in order to avoid publicity and reviews spam, it is not allowed to include phone numbers or links to other websites on the reviews. If the add your review about a company you want to indicate a change of phone number or URL, use the link Report problem "rather than include it in your writing.
  • Reviews on other topics: Do not post reviews based on experience of another person or that are not related to the site in question. Reviews should not serve as a forum for general comments about politics or society, or for personal criticism. If the location is incorrect or the site is closed, use the link "Report a problem" to indicate, rather than through a review.
  • Be respectful: do not use foul language, obscene or offensive. the reviews that personally attack another user is also removed.
  • Conflict of interests: the reviews are valuable when they are honest and fair. Do not post a review of your own company or boss. No offer or accept money, goods or services to write reviews of a company or negative reviews on competition. If you are the owner of a company, do not set collection Reviewing your company.
  • Illegal content: Do not post reviews that contain unlawful content or link to content such as links where you can freely buy prescription drugs.
  • Copyrighted content: Do not post reviews that violate the rights of others, including copyright. For more information or to submit an application DMCA review our procedures relating to copyright.
  • Sexually explicit material: we do not accept reviews that contain sexually explicit material. Obviously, no reviews are permitted sexual content involving minors or abuse. In these cases, we will have to remove the review, to close the account and to report it through the phone Minor and the authorities.
  • Impersonation: Do not post reviews on behalf of others or do you impersonate any person or entity related to the site or the company under review.
  • Personal and confidential information: Do not post reviews that include personal and confidential information of another person, as data from the credit card, identity card, driving license information, etc.
  • Hate Speech: we do not accept reviews that speak against groups of people because of their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or sexual identity.