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Delicious cuisine in the
Jeronimos neihbourhood.

El 17 de Moreto is a cosy restaurant, with and an original menu where you could enjoy excellent wines in an relaxed environment.
You can not miss it , not only for the menú but also for breakfasts and wonderful brunches that you could taste every weekend.

Deliciosa Cocina

El 17 de Moreto es un acogedor restaurante con una carta original y variada. Destacan sus desayunos de estilo andaluz así como su inigualable Brunch que podrás disfrutar todos los fines de semana del año.


Crispy nuggets of goat cheese with honey (2 und.)4,50€
Mini-beef burger with caramelized onions and cheese3,00€
Mini-chicken kebab with red onion and cucumber2,80€
Mediterranean olive bread with salmon and philadelphia cream cheese3,60€
Mediterranean olive bread with brie cheese and caramelized onions3,50€
Mediterranean olive bread with foie and caramelized onion3,90€
Olivier salad3,60€
Mini-Spanish omelette3,90€
Scrambled eggs with salmon, truffle and crispy chips4,50€
Crispy chips with poached egg with and Iberian ham4,50€

fresh salads

Iberian ham, avocado, parmesan and cherry tomatoes 8,00€
Salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese, sunflower seeds and cherry tomatoes8,50€
Pickled chicken with vinaigrette with smashed toasted corns7,90€
Spinach, brie cheese sachets, bacon, nuts with honey and mustard dressing7,90€
Corn salad, caramelized goat's cheese, nuts and sweet onions8,50€

To share

Mini chicken kebabs with red onions and cucumber (4 und)9,50€
Mini-beef burgers with caramelized onions and cheese (4 units)11,00€
Crispy balls of goat cheese with honey (4 und.)8,00€
Very thin Pizzoleta with truffle, mozzarella, zucchini, pumpkin and spinach9,50€
Guacamole with nachos6,50€
Hummus with pita bread6,70€
Quesadillas with ham and cheese6,00€
Quesadillas with chicken, caramelized onion and Edam cheese7,50€
Olivier salad6,50€

To amazed

Curry coconut chicken with rice9,70€
Crispy Millefeuille of oxtail with foie and pumpkin puree12,00€
Lamb tagine with plums, roasted cashew with orange blossom water14,00€
Grilled vegetables with Romesco sauce10,00€
Burrata with zucchini carpaccio, cherry tomatoes, olives and pesto sauce13,50€
Salmon tartar with avocado and crispy male banana in oyster and soy sauce11,00€
Beef cheek with sauteed potato with reduction of Pedro Ximenez12,00€
Mushroom risotto with Parmesan cheese9,70€
Scrambled eggs with salmon, truffle and crispy chips9,50€
Broken eggs with Iberian ham and crispy chips9,50€
Scrambled eggs with cod, crispy chips and black olives9,50€
"Salmorejo". Spanish cold tomato soup (summer season)4,50€

Our "tablas"

Cured Manchego cheese9,00€
Hand cut Iberian Bellota ham21,00€
Tabla Moreto (mix of Iberian ham & Manchego cheese)18,00€
Anchovies with bread and fresh tomato16,00€

Sweet ending

Crunchy apple and pear pie with artisan ice cream5,50€
Brownie with artisan ice cream5,50€
Homemade greek yogurt ice-cream yogurt with muesli and honey5,50€
Cheese cake 5,00€
Cookie with chocolate and vanilla ice cream6,00€
* Terrace - 10% price increase. Allergen information available.